Thank you for participating in this Weston town-wide survey. Every few years Weston renegotiates its contract with Verizon and Comcast. During this process, your Cable Advisory Committee, a team of town volunteers with oversight for Weston's Cable TV service, collects information on residents' experiences with their Cable TV service. In particular, this survey is a required part of the Town's contract renewal process for Verizon in 2022.

Part 1 is about your Cable TV provider. All questions in this survey refer to your current TV provider.  (Please note that Comcast and Verizon provide Phone, Cable TV and Internet service. One may subscribe to one, two, or three services or none of them. This survey applies to your Cable TV service only, not any other services you may receive from Comcast or Verizon.)

Part 2 is about Weston's local access service provided by Weston Media Center, Inc. 

All questions pertain only to your residence in Weston, not for any experiences you may have had at work, at a second home, or in another town. Only one survey should be completed per Weston household.

Your responses will be completely anonymous.

Thank you,
The Cable Advisory Committee: Ed Smith (Chair), Joel Angiolillo, Tom Benson, Lee McCanne
Part 1: Your Cable TV Service

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* 1. When you watch TV shows and movies, how often do you currently use each of the following methods?

  Always / Almost Always Sometimes Rarely / Never Don't Have / Not Applicable
An antenna (over-the-air "free TV")
Verizon's Cable TV service (fiOS)
Comcast's Cable TV service (Xfinity)
A satellite TV service like DirecTV
A service like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, etc., on a device like a computer, smart phone, AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.

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* 2. If you don't currently subscribe to a Comcast or Verizon Cable TV service, why not? Check all that apply.

A reminder: Comcast and Verizon offer both Internet (Data) and Cable TV service. You may subscribe to one, both or neither. If you have not had Comcast or Verizon Cable TV service in the past two years, please skip to Part II (Question 8) of this survey.

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* 3. If you currently have Cable TV service, are you thinking of dropping or scaling back your current Cable TV service?

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* 4. Have you contacted Comcast or Verizon about a TV service issue in the past two years? (If you have contacted your service provider multiple times, please respond about your most recent contact.)

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* 5. Please tell us if you agree or disagree with the following statements. Answer for your most current or most recent TV service provider.

  Agree Neutral Disagree Not applicable or don't know
My TV service is a good value for the money
My TV service rarely goes down or is unavailable
My cable TV company's website is helpful
My cable TV company is easy to reach by phone, email, or chat
Overall, I am satisfied with my cable TV service

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* 6. Finally, please tell us how you think your Cable TV experience could be improved. (Consider the entire service, including customer support, channel selection, reliability, bundles, equipment, cost, etc.).

Part 2: Your Local Access Service Provider - The Weston Media Center
Weston Media Center is Weston’s local access provider available through Comcast/Xfinity channels 8 & 9 and Verizon/fiOS channels 41 & 45 as well as via Video-on–Demand (VOD) through Weston Media’s website:

WMC provides access to many town meetings, as well as concerts, talks, local events and programs produced by your neighbors.

Question Title

* 7. How interested are you in the following types of Weston Media Center programs?

  Very interested Somewhat interested Not interested Not sure
Town government meetings
School committee meetings
Cooking/gardening programs
Council on Aging programming
Weston youth sports
School events/concerts
Weston people, places and history
Visual, musical and performing arts and artists
Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs
Health and wellness programming

Question Title

* 8. How interested would you be in taking the following types of classes?

  Very interested Somewhat interested Not interested Not sure
How to create a podcast
How to create and edit videos
How to convert analog films and tapes to digital
How to digitize old photos, create photo books and calendars
How to use your smartphone to make videos

Question Title

* 9. Would you like to learn how to use the Media Center's audio and video equipment to produce content for broadcast on our community access channels and on our website?

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* 10. How often do you watch Weston Media Center programs?

  More than 3 times a week 1-3 times a week 1-3 times a month Rarely/Never
Watch on my TV (Comcast channels 8 and 9; Verizon channels 41 and 45)
Watch video-on-demand by going to on my computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or other device.

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* 11. Do you have any additional comments or questions about Weston's public access channels or Weston Media Center? If you would like to be contacted, please include your email address.