As you may know, the Town of Westbrook has been working on a proposal to provide for more sidewalks in the community to improve pedestrian access. This survey is intended to give Westbrook residents the opportunity to further guide this process.

The Planning Commission would like to thank the 450+ people who took the time to participate in the initial Sidewalk Survey conducted in March and April.  With this second survey, we’d like to get more feedback on specific sidewalks segments within each area and your thoughts about funding and implementation. 

The survey will close at midnight on June 19th.  A complete report of survey results from both surveys will be presented at a Public Workshop on June 29th at 7:00 p.m. in the Mulvey Municipal Center.  We hope that you can participate in this live discussion about sidewalks in Westbrook and hear what your neighbors and fellow residents have to say on the subject.  The feedback gathered from the surveys and the workshop will guide the recommendations in the final draft of the Sidewalk Plan which will be the subject of a public hearing sometime in August.

Thanks for your interest!

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