* 1. Please state your level of  "agreement" with the following statements.

  Strong Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
My child(ren) receive 30 minutes or more of physical activity before, after, or during school.
My child(ren) have the opportunity to engage in 30 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity during each school day, outside of physical education class.
ATA ensures that students are consuming healthy, nutritious foods at any and every meal provided to them, including snacks, a la carte menu items, and beverages.
Teachers play a critical role in educating students about healthy eating habits and the importance of physical activities.
My child(ren)'s classroom environment, including celebrations and academic learning activities, promotes healthy nutrition and physical activity.
As a parent / guardian, I am involved with my student's school wellness initiatives.
School wellness is important for my child(ren)'s development and academic achievement.
I practice and encourage healthy nutrition practices and adequate physical activity in my home.

* 2. If you strongly disagreed with a statement, please let us know how we could improve our practices at ATA.

* 3. Please select all options that are of interest to either you or your child(ren).

  Nutrition Education Classes Healthy Nutrition Demonstration Classes Free Health Screenings or Clinics Insurance Enrollment Information / Assistance Physical Activity Opportunities
As a parent, I would be most likely to attend one of these opportunities if they were offered at ATA.
I would be interested in having my child(ren) engage in one of these opportunities if they were offered at ATA.
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