Welcoming Communities is a Central Government - funded pilot programme currently being rolled out with five regions (and nine councils) in New Zealand.  Southland is one of these regions and the aim of the programme is to build on our southern hospitality and links between local communities, councils and newcomers.  Communities whose hospitality makes newcomers feel welcome are likely to enjoy better social connections and stronger economic growth.

This two-year programme is an initiative of Immigration New Zealand, working with the Office of Ethnic Affairs, Department of Internal Affairs and the Human Rights Commission.  Venture Southland is driving this for the Southland region on behalf of the four Southland councils, with support from the Community Trust of Southland.

A “Welcoming Communities Standard for New Zealand” has been developed and the intent is for regions to become accredited according to this standard.  The first step towards accreditation is a bench marking process which aims to understand the current situation in Southland based on eight elements or sections which are seen as critical in building a Welcoming Community. 

Click here to see the standard.

Southland needs your valuable insight, knowledge and views so that we know the actions needed to meet the standard and where were already meeting it. 

Your insights will be collated alongside others from various sectors of our Southland community and they will help us develop the Welcome Plan for Southland. This plan will identify key projects and activities for rural and urban communities, and will also help councils see where they can align their policies and services with the wider community.

The survey will take 5 minutes to complete and please note that including a name is not mandatory but a confidential email address is, in order to provide outcome feedback to all participants.  

Thank you.

For further information, please contact the Southland Welcoming Communities Coordinator.

Sue Morrison-Bailey

Welcoming Communities Coordinator
021 168 8820 office  03 211 9103