The Wattle Creek Energy Hub is a proposed hybrid renewable energy facility to be located on Arthursleigh farm, land owned by the University of Sydney near Marulan in the NSW Southern Tablelands of NSW.
Who are Spark Renewables?
The proposed project is being developed by Spark Renewables, one of Australia’s leading developers and long-term owner and operators of renewable energy generation assets. Spark Renewables is a part of the Spark Infrastructure Group, one of Australia’s leading investors in critical energy infrastructure assets. Read more about us and our team.


The Project: Wattle Creek Energy Hub
The University of Sydney selected Spark Renewables to investigate and deelop the proposed Wattle Creek Energy Hub project - a hybrid renewable energy facility on the University's Arthursleigh property. If approved, the Wattle Creek Energy Hub could generate up to 500 megawatts (MW) of electricity from the sun and wind, providing enough clean, reliable energy to power about 170,000 households per year and offset the emission of about 950,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The proposal also includes the installation of a large-scale battery with a capacity of up to 500 megawatt hours (MWh), which would be dispatched on command to provide a range of network support services. For more information about the website, go to
How is this information used?
It is important for Spark Renewables to better understand people’s views and feedback on the proposed Wattle Creek Energy Hub to ensure that the Project is planned with the participation and input of the local community.

This community survey is part of a broader engagement program for the Project. The purpose of the survey is to provide an online and, if preferred, an anonymous process for community members to provide feedback on the Project and local issues.

The outcomes of the community survey will be used to inform the Engagement and Social Impact Assessment part of the Scoping Report.