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* 1. Contact Info:

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* 2. In the next 9 months, do you see yourself attending a literary workshop or creative writing seminar designed to strengthen your literary/writing skills?

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* 3. The following are our traditional 5-week workshops. Please indicate your level of interest by clicking a response for EACH of the courses on each of the rows.

  Unlikely to Attend I'd Possibly Attend I'd Probably Attend I'd Very Likely Attend I'd Definitely Attend!
• Constructing Your Novel
• Writing Memoir & Autobiography
• The Art of the Short Story
• Writing for Children & Young Adults
• Advanced Editing Techniques (or Preparing Your Work For Publication)
• Writing the Personal Essay/ Creative Nonfiction
• Poetry Writing Workshop
• Creative Writing 101
• Power Writing: Advanced Prose Techniques

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* 4. Our first workshop will take place Sunday afternoon, January 29th, at the North Country Arts Council center, 52 Public Square. The workshops are scheduled based on demand—that is, the first class to fill up will be the first taught, and so on. If you've expressed interest in a class here, and would like to be notified of the class choice & schedule, please click the box below.

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* 5. The Writing Academy will offer 1-Day Workshops in the following areas. The seminars meet one time for 2 to 3 hours, with a tuition of $17. Please check all of the following you might find attractive.

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* 6. We are mindful of the demands on commuters! Please indicate how much of a drive it is for you to get to downtown Watertown.

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