Many thanks for your interest in the Warwick PGCEi.

To help further process your application, this pre-screening tool will take you step-by-step through the entry requirements.

NOTE: This is pre-screening for the PGCEi, if you are looking for PGCE iQTS pre-screening head here.

The next few pages outline the specific course requirements. You'll then be asked for your details and to upload various documentation. Prior to starting we suggest that you carefully review the various criteria.

To complete pre-screening you will need access to:

  • Your degree certificate;
  • If your degree was not awarded by a UK institution, your degree transcript;
  • Your English language qualification (i.e. a GCSE or IELTS certificate)
  • For Primary applicants, your Maths qualification (i.e. a GCSE certificate); and
  • A letter of support from your school (exemplar here).
We suggest you collate, scan and prepare these documents BEFORE starting this process. PDF, JPG and PNG files are all acceptable.

Assuming your documentation is to hand, the process should take about 15 minutes.

Please note, this is not a formal application to the programme. On behalf of the University of Warwick pre-screening of applications is undertaken by PEDAGOGUE, the University's representative in Asia for this course. If you meet the application criteria you will then be asked to make a formal application.

Let's begin...
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