The City of Saskatoon is divided into ten wards.  The Cities Act stipulates that each ward must contain – as nearly as is reasonably practicable – the same population, with ward populations varying by no more than 10% from the average ward population (the City's total population divided by the 10 wards).

The populations of Ward 7 and Ward 10 currently exceed the 10% variance while the populations of Ward 5 and Ward 8 fall below the threshold.  Accordingly, the Municipal Wards Commission will establish new ward boundaries to be in effect for the city's municipal election and school boards' elections in fall 2020.

The Municipal Wards Commission is looking at three potential options for redrawn ward boundaries for the 2020 election.  The basis for these options include current population, projected future growth, which neighbourhoods have changed wards in previous elections, minimizing disruption to current ward boundaries, and public input received.

The following survey is an opportunity for you to provide your input on the three options under consideration.  If you do not have an opinion on an option, you can leave its comment box blank and skip to the next page.

Comments will be accepted until Tuesday, September 24 at 5:00 PM.  There will be an in-person public consultation with the Municipal Wards Commission on Wednesday, September 25 at 7:00 PM in Committee Room E at City Hall.

Thank you for helping draw the new lines!