NMTS Award Selection Instructions

Thank you for participating in the award selections for this year's banquet. Please take a moment to vote for several of the awards. We hope to see you there!

* 1. Ride Leader of the Year
“The best ride leaders not only create interesting and fun rides but also make certain that everyone who attends their rides have a safe and enjoyable experience. A ride leader is making a commitment to the bicycle club and the riders to promote the positive aspects of safe cycling as well as a positive impression of the bicycle club with which they are associated.”

* 2. Tour of the Year

* 3. Who should be volunteer of the year?

* 4. Special Recognition
Is there someone who has done something special or extraordinary that should be recognized? Examples: Best New Rider, Most Improved Rider, Most Helpful Member, Cycling Commuter, etc. Please enter rider name and reason for nomination.

* 5. Novelty/Fun Awards
Is there anyone you would like to nominate for a fun award? Please enter name and reason.