Thank you for your interest in Switchboard’s new Community of Practice (CoP) for Client-Centered Services.  This CoP is open to direct staff, program supervisors, leaders, and other interested staff of ORR-funded client-serving organizations. This group will be made up of 30 members, selected from the pool of applicants. Members in this CoP will have access to supportive network of staff and leaders for meaningful conversations about contemporary issues facing direct service providers, while sharing a variety of creative solutions, techniques, tools and approaches. To preview the full application, click here

Interested in Being a Co-Leader?
Switchboard is seeking 2-3 co-leaders to help coordinate the community of practice. Each leader will receive professional development in CoP facilitation and a gift card to recognize their contributions to the CoP. Leaders will be expected to help engage CoP participants, set the agendas for initial CoP meetings, and help facilitate monthly CoP meetings. The anticipated time commitment of a CoP leader is five hours per month during the initial launch period of June-July 2021, then two hours per month afterwards. CoP leaders will be renewed each year.

To be considered, please submit this application by Friday, June 11, 2021.

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* 1. Do you work for an organization that supports or serves refugees in the United States?

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* 2. Does your organization receive funding from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)?