G6-12 Clubs and Service Activities 2019-20

Quick facts about ASAs/Clubs &Services/Performing Arts for 2019-20:

- Clubs and Service activities are for students in grades 6-12.

- ASAs follow a Monday-Friday schedule (not the 8 day school schedule). Clubs &Services/Performing Arts may follow a different timeline. You may wish to follow the ASA cycles of 7 weeks. Please indicate this below.

Each semester is divided into 2 cycles. Each cycle is 7 weeks long. There will be four 7 week cycles in the year.

- Teachers are expected to run two 7 week cycles each year, preferably, one per semester. If you are coaching in one of the semesters, then you only need to lead one ASA/Club in the other semester. Please indicate this in the comment box below.

- The ratio is one faculty member per activity - if you require extra help after the sign-ups, we could try to find a helper.

- PS faculty can normally lead ASAs after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. MS/US faculty may run their activities on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. For other times, please consult your head of section.

- Most lunch hour activities must run over 2 days (2 x 30 minutes.)

- For safety reasons, activities MAY NOT be at the same time as your BTT.

- There will be four PS ASA sign-up sessions. Sign-ups will open on Veracross one week prior to start of each cycle. MS/US registrations remain open for the whole year.

We aim to have a balance of activities. Therefore, we may need to adjust the venue, content, number and/or grade level of participants of your activity.

Please share with us which Club or Service Activity you would like to offer in the 19-20 school year as soon as you can.

Thank you for keeping our students balanced!

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* 1. Please enter the details of your Semester 1 Club or Service Activity.
All this information will be available to students when they sign up.

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* 2. Please enter the details of your Semester 2  Club or Service Activity
All this information will be available to students when they sign up.