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Are you in New York or New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
If you are with a WWTP in one of these states, please complete the parallel NEIWPCC Biosolids Survey - click here. Both that survey and the one below are essentially the same, and the data from both will be combined for our national data set.
Georgia? Georgia WWTPs did a survey for GEFA/Black & Veatch just recently & a GAWP survey for 2018. We will use those compiled data.  But this survey asks additional questions, so please do it. Thank you!

Missouri/Mississippi River Flood 2018?
Devastating floods in 2018 stopped land application along parts of the Mississippi. Please provide 2017 data if it is more representative of your WWTP's biosolids management. Please note in the comments that your data are from 2017.

Has anyone else at your WWTP done this survey?
Please check, to avoid duplicates. Click the green button here: https://www.nebiosolids.org/nbii2definitions
Welcome to The National Biosolids Survey - 2018 Data
This is the second time this major national U.S. survey has been done; the initial survey was published in 2007, reporting 2004 data (download that report here, at the bottom of the page: https://www.nebiosolids.org/national-biosolids-survey-2018-data.) The results of this current survey will be published in spring 2021 and will benefit all stakeholders in the management of wastewater and biosolids in the U.S.

Thank you for your time and help! We know your time is limited. Your input is vital to advancing nationwide understanding for the whole profession. Everyone is pitching in, for the benefit of all.

The data requested are about: sewage sludge and biosolids from public and private wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) treating domestic sewage, who used or disposed of sewage sludge/biosolids in 2018. If your facility fits this description, please proceed with the survey below.

The Core Survey has about 25 questions; many are quick to answer.
It should take about 30 minutes to complete (if you have your data ready).  We ask that you also complete the additional sections - either today or in the next few days.

Question Title

* 1. Instructions
These instructions are in the PDF version
of this survey; download it & keep it open for reference.
Survey support page, with definitions:
https://www.nebiosolids.org/nbii2definitions  Open this page in a separate window & refer to it.
You will need:
Your 2018 EPA Part 503 Sludge Report (filed in February 2019) and/or your 2018 report to your state.
Want a preview? 
Download the PDF version of this survey and keep it open for reference. But fill it out here online.
You might need information from colleagues.
We suggest you copy the applicable questions from the PDF into an email for them, and then you enter the data they provide.

If you have more than one WWTP / WRRF
and the solid
s/biosolids are managed separately and differently, please use a different computer to enter the data for each WWTP / WRRFBut, if the solids from different facilities are managed together or in essentially the same way, just fill in one survey for all the facilities, adding their data together. Add explanations in the comment boxes.
  • All data and information should be for calendar year 2018.
  • Please explain details using the comment boxes.
  • The quantity of biosolids used or disposed means the quantity that goes out the gate of your WWTP(s), even if it just goes to another WWTP. And it doesn't matter whether it is used or disposed of in or out of state.
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Privacy: Unless you give permission at the end of the survey, we will ensure that your data are not reported in a way that identifies you/your facility.

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