Public Comment Survey

The Parking Stakeholder Advisory Committee (PSAC) has developed a set of priorities for downtown parking management. The PSAC has been listening to downtown stakeholders and community members throughout the process. While there was a good turnout at the May 2nd Public Open House, we would like to get your feedback on some key concepts and guiding principles. We would appreciate your help in completing the following questionnaire. Your comments are also welcomed; please direct them to

* 1. Make parking easier by getting the right car to the right parking space. Prioritize downtown visitors / customers for on-street parking. Encourage downtown long-term parkers to use off-street parking

* 2. Identify creative ideas and partnerships for off-street, long-term parking and employee parking, as well as event parking. Strategies include maximizing publicly controlled lots, partnering with the private sector, supporting multi-modal (bicycle, pedestrian, transit/shuttle, and motorized vehicle) transportation downtown, and other strategies.

* 3. Create a safe and easy-to-use downtown parking system that is well understood by visitors, businesses, and residents. 

* 4. Include multi-modal (bicycle, pedestrian, transit/shuttle, and motorized vehicle) options in planning and integrate these options into the parking system.

* 5. Routinely collecting data in the downtown to support decision-making and identifying constraints and surpluses of parking.

* 6. Develop criteria for evaluating parking management now and in the future. Implement parking strategies one step at a time, not all at once.

* 7. Tell us more about yourself!
Are you a:

* 8. If you are an employee/business owner; where do you typically park downtown?