Welcome to the Ontario Junior Golf Development Pathway Survey

We want you to participate in a survey relating to the Ontario Junior Golf Development Pathway (JGDP). The survey is part of an overall review of the structure and function of the JGDP, conducted by independent reviewer Sport Performance Management led by Dr. Peter Davis, commissioned by Golf Ontario with the objective to align all junior golf leaders and to evolve the promotion and communication of the junior golf pathway in Ontario to ensure that the pathway is functioning effectively and efficiently.


Your participation is completely voluntary; all responses are confidential. The reviewer will provide a final report to Golf Ontario; however, no individual responses will be linked or attributed to any individual in that report.

Please note that the survey is being sent to all of the stakeholders involved in Golf in Ontario. Not every question will be totally relevant to your place or role in the system. As such if you feel that a question is not relevant to you or you don’t have enough information to answer please either skip over that question or answer NA or Don’t Know if those options are provided. In some cases some questions are identified for certain stakeholders only. Please don't answer those questions if you are not one of the identified stakeholders.




What is a Junior Development Pathway?


For the sake of consistency, a Junior Development Pathway is an integrated and progressively sequenced system of talent identification, coaching, training programs and camps, competition structure and other elements of performance support that are designed in such a way as to provide optimal opportunities for Youth/Junior golfers, in order to develop their golf skills and maximize their potential. Different sports have different development pathways according to their unique structure and design.




The questions in this survey are designed to collect your thoughts and feedback on different elements of the Junior Golf Development Pathway in Ontario.




If you have any questions about this survey the review process, or the Junior Golf Development Pathway in Ontario please feel free to contact me directly at the following


Dr. Peter G Davis


(719) 358 1557 (Colorado USA… Mountain Time)


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