* 1. Your opinion is important to us as we attempt to evaluate Luther High School. Thank you for completing the following survey.

  Yes No
Do you think Luther High School helps bring families closer together and gets them more involved in the life of the Church?
Are you satisfied with the teaching of religion in this school?
Do you have a role in the admissions process for students?
Are you satisfied with the extent and character of your communication with the principal and school staff?
Does the school communicate its calendar, special events, and special achievements of the students on an Association wide basis?
Is the communication between the school and the Board of Control/Conference of Delegates routine, timely, and responsive to critical needs of the school?
Is the school meeting its responsibility to develop civic responsibility and citizenship in its graduates?
Does the school make issues of peace and justice a formal part of curricular and co-curricular school activities?

* 2. Please describe how you see your role in helping to maintain and deepen the religious character and atmosphere of the school/s.

* 3. What is your role in the financial planning and management of the school?

* 4. What is your role in the hiring and non-renewing of staff?

* 5. How often do you formally evaluate the effectiveness of the principal? Is there anyone else involved in this process?

* 6. Describe the relationship between the religious education program of the church and the school’s program?

* 7. Describe your relationship with your school’s Education Committee/Council/Board. Do you believe they understand the needs of the school and their role in supporting the school?

* 8. Please add information that you want to share but which is not covered in this survey.