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The WSRO board of directors is excited to open this year’s fall conference Call for Presenters. As times are turbulent and rapidly shifting, the WSRO Board has pivoted this year’s conference, WSRO 20/20: Seeing Transportation Options Clearly, to a one day digital experience on September 22, 2020.
The conference will address the interests of a broad spectrum of transportation professionals in the Northwest. Ideally, these sessions will provide current, directly applicable strategies for your audiences, which will include transportation demand management specialists, general transportation planners and employee transportation coordinators (ETCs). We welcome speakers interested in sharing TDM lessons and best practices, and are particularly interested in learning how your organizations have adapted throughout this unprecedented time. You do not need to be a WSRO member or from Washington to present.

As we host WSRO 20/20 online, we are shaking up our presentation format. This year we’re limiting presentations to a lightning round 10-15 minutes, and will be grouping presenters by topic followed by a shared Q&A discussion. We encourage both individual and panel presenters to apply. Have something different in mind, like facilitating a workshop or coordinating a training? We welcome your creative ideas! 

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program and policy implementers track topics may include:
- Impacts of COVID-19 and/or i975 on Washington’s transportation network
- How transportation agencies can use their limited resources equitably - maintaining equitable service in face of reductions
- How we may capture the environmental benefits associated with increased walking, biking and teleworking over the long-term
- Rollups of transportation behavior data collected March-September 2020 from statewide parties (examples include commute data, employer programs, environmental data, etc)
- The role of TMA’s during a pandemic
- Safe streets case studies, and implications for neighborhood greenways

Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) track topics may include:

- Don’t pick up the phone! sorting through the vendor clutter to find tech solutions that last.
- How TNCs are adjusting their services during and after COVID-19
- How COVID-19 has impacted the business community’s perspective on Flexwork
- Lessons in resilience: planning for future pandemics and/or disruptions to the transportation network
- Maintaining productivity in the face of adversity
- Riding transit safely
- Providing transportation benefits to all employees with reduced budgets
- New takes on Bike Everywhere Month
- Employee engagement best practices while working remotely

Does anything here speak to you? Or maybe one of them gives you another idea?  By all means, submit your idea! And if you think a colleague/peer/coworker would make a great presenter, please pass this info along. We encourage you to submit as many proposals as you like.

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Submission Deadline: Friday, August 7
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