Thank you to everyone who participated in the open house this week!
If you were unable to attend, please take this survey!
Have this link open as you go through the questions for reference and additional details. Clicking on the imagery will enlarge the image by opening a new webpage.

The master plan team will utilize the feedback from the Open House(s), the council and commissioners, and the in-house and online survey responses to inform the next iteration of the master plan concept.
In the next phase, you will see the following:
  • A refined plan concept incorporating community feedback - including weed management, soil plans and plant palates
  • More detailed amenity concepts and donor recognition pieces (recognition wall/board, benches, picnic tables, etc.)
  • Cost estimates/budget (ranges) based on the plan concept
Let us know what you think! Send direct questions to Cheers! 

Question Title

* 1. Master Plan Timeline


Any questions or feedback regarding the process & timeline of the Master Plan?

Question Title

* 2. Floodplain History

history of

Any questions regarding the history of the floodplain?