2018 WRLA Member Survey

6% of survey complete.

Please take the time to answer this industry survey.  There are two very important reasons why we request your participation:
1. To provide our members with the latest industry wages, salary, and business conditions.
2. The more people who participate, the better the information will be - both in terms of quantity and quality. That means the results will help you better understand the current market trends with more reliable data.

The information we request in the survey not only benefits those who participate, but also provides useful information to the WRLA in meeting the needs of our members.

Only aggregated information from all collected responses will be distributed in a FREE report to members.  Individual responses and contact information will remain confidential.  If you indicated that you would like additional information on a product/service, you will be contacted by an authorized WRLA service partner. 

This survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Prior to starting, it may be helpful for you to gather all of your appropriate financial and business information.

Questions?  Comments?  Please contact Wynne Au at 1-800-661-0253 ext. 0 or WynneA@wrla.org

Thank you for your participation, we truly appreciate your time and effort!

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* 5. Please provide us with your email address so you can receive an electronic copy of the results.