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This survey is collecting data on gate fees being charged by waste management facilities. The survey is confidential with only aggregated data being reported.

Where you operate more than one facility you will be given the opportunity to complete information on all the facilities that you operate. This will be performed sequentially i.e. you will answer questions for one facility and then another etc.

You can exit the survey at any point and return to the survey when you are able to complete the relevant questions.  Note that if you do leave the survey part way through, you will need to ensure that you access the survey again using the same PC – otherwise your earlier data may be lost. 

Please answer all questions in as much detail as possible.

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1. What is the company name?

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2. Your details:

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3. Does your company accept waste feedstock at its AD facilities from third parties for which it charges a gate fee?

If the company only processes its own waste please answer 'no' to this question.