Membership Information

Mission: To support the wellness and empowerment of Watertown youth by engaging young people, families, and community.

Watertown Youth Coalition (WYC) is currently seeking new members who are committed to our mission. Individuals can become members, or if interested, may be considered for Steering Committee members. Organizations can also become members and identify representative(s) to attend WYC meetings.

In order to better meet the needs of Watertown’s racially and ethnically diverse population, people who reflect the diversity of Watertown are especially encouraged to apply to become Steering Committee Members.

Watertown Youth Coalition, overseen by Wayside Multi-Service Center, is a community coalition of youth, parents, school, health, police, fire, town government representatives, social service and medical professionals, clergy, local business owners and community members – all of whom are committed to promoting healthy and positive lifestyles among Watertown youth.

WYC’s current focus areas include:
  • Preventing substance misuse and addiction
  • Increasing positive coping skills
  • Decreasing stigma around mental health issues
  • Promoting positive school and community climate
  • Promoting racial, ethnic and gender equity in our health and wellness initiatives
Members are individuals who on an annual basis:
  • Complete a Membership form
  • Join the mailing list/email list
  • Attend WYC meetings and events, when possible
  • Help to plan and/or publicize at least one WYC activity or project, e.g., offer input, invite others, post on social media
  • Make a financial contribution, if possible
Steering Committee members are individuals who, in addition to Member activities:
  • Attend Steering Committee meetings (every other month) where you will bring your energy, ideas, and enthusiasm for the mission
  • Work with Coalition to plan, participate, and publicize WYC activities, help with outreach to community, and work with Wayside staff
  • Make decisions through consensus with other Steering Committee members
  • Preferably commit to a two-year term
Benefits to You:  
  • Members help support the wellness of Watertown’s youth, are invited to offer input and ideas on Coalition activities, and can connect with other community members who share common goals.
  • Steering Committee members can also gain experience as community leaders in a coalition, can assist with grant applications, receive recognition on the WYC web site, access the notes of all meetings, and receive opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders in the community.
  • Most of all, you will make an impact in the lives of youth in our community!

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Individuals can become members. Organizations can also become members and identify representative(s) to attend WYC meetings.