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The cost of hiring a worker, essential or not, is generally only thought of in terms of time recruiters spend on filling those positions, but what has never been fully considered is how much having those workers is worth to an organization, and therefore the real, numerical value in having them hired faster, and with a better candidate experience.

For example, how much does having that worker affect availability for shifts, revenue generation, or how your brand is perceived by clients or customers? Once you can quantify this, it can then be possible to show the ROI of your talent acquisition efforts, something many organizations struggle with, according to Brandon Hall Group research.
This survey will help organizations determine how to determine what an essential worker really is – and then what the challenges are in hiring essential workers, the impact of hiring them, and the questions to ask about your own essential worker hiring process. From the information gathered, Brandon Hall Group will show what the true cost of not hiring essential workers is, but also the best practices  in hiring essential workers and what improvements that can be made that will have the biggest impact in hiring this key talent demographic.

We only need about 5-10 minutes of your time. In appreciation, those who complete the survey and provide their email will receive a summary report of the survey results. Please note that the survey will be asking very specific questions about your talent acquisition budget in order to get a truly accurate representation of the cost of hiring an essential worker, so if you do have access to this information, you will be unable to take part in this survey.

Regardless, your survey responses remain completely confidential, and your name is not given to external parties nor associated with responses. Survey findings are only reported in aggregate. If you agree to answer a few questions, you may also be contacted by Brandon Hall Group staff to request a confidential, qualitative research interview by an analyst.

Thank you in advance for completing this important survey.

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Cliff Stevenson
Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition 
Brandon Hall Group