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The Women Peace and Security team thank you for visiting our portal page.  We hope you found it educational and easy to use.  We would greatly appreciate you taking about 15 minutes to complete our survey, so we can enhance your future experience.  All responses are anonymous.

Instructions: For each item in the survey, please check the response that best represents your assessment of the topic addressed. Use the tool bar at the bottom of the page to navigate through the survey. The "Finish" button allows you to submit your survey responses. 

Programmatic questions about this survey and the WPS program can be directed to:
COL Veronica Oswald, (719) 231-3909, and
Ms. Emily Bosco,

Technical questions about this survey may be directed to:
Mr. James S. Braderman, (717)245-3403,
Mr. Charles L. Smith, (717)245-4704,


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