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* 3. How many articles do you typically read thoroughly in an issue of Tierra Grande?

* 4. How many articles per issue do you "just skim?"

* 5. Rate the following elements of the magazine.

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Subject matter
Level of detail
Writing clarity
Balance of content
Source of sales, marketing ideas
A resource, reference
Market analysis tool
Business asset

* 6. Rate this statement: Tierra Grande articles contribute to my knowledge and understanding of real estate.

* 7. True or false. I share information from the magazine with clients.

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* 10. How long do you typically keep the magazine before discarding it?

* 11. Would you prefer to have an interactive digital magazine in lieu of the printed one?

* 12. Would you read a digital Tierra Grande if that was the only option?

* 13. Did you know Tierra Grande articles are available on the Real Estate Center's website days, or weeks, or sometimes months ahead of the print version?

* 14. Which of the following best describes you?

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