Your experience at Western New York Independent Living is our measure of success.

* 1. Please identify the first and last name of the staff you worked with today:

* 3. Please let us know if your business today has been:

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TIMELY: Did we respond to your needs in a reasonable amount of time?
COURTEOUS: Was our interaction with you courteous and polite?
WELCOMING: Did you find our offices to be a clean, inviting, and safe environment?
ATTENTIVE: Did you find our staff attentive, alert and observant about your issues and concerns?
HONEST: Was our staff always truthful while conducting business with you?
OPEN: Was our staff accommodating with regard to your beliefs, ideas, goals, and perspectives?
EMPOWERING: Were you the decision maker at all times?
WILLINGNESS: Did our staff readily accept that you were in control of your goals and your chosen course of action?
PRODUCTIVE: Did you find your time here enhanced your ability to be successful in the completion of your goals?
FRIENDLY: Did you find our staff to be kind and pleasant to work with?

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