Welcome to the 'frontierCities2' City Needs Mapping survey

Thank you for participating to the frontierCities2 City Needs Mapping' survey! 
frontierCities2 builds on the powerful basis of the first edition of the frontierCities Accelerator (2014-2016), which created an exceptional geographical reach including 28 SMEs and start-ups developing and trialling 28 smart mobility solutions in 45+ city environments across Europe.
fC2 'City Needs Mapping' aims at contributing to establish a fruitful link between cities and granted start-ups, exploring the possibility to solve city issues through the deployment of FIWARE - based solutions.
The present questionnaire addresses the cities with the objective of identifying the main issues affecting the different areas belonging to the Smart Cities domain. Another questionnaire, instead, submitted to the start-ups providing solutions in this domain, will identify how effectively their products could tackle the city issues. Data collected from cities and start-ups will then be matched and possible opportunities to cooperate highlighted.       
The first section of this questionnaire is devoted to investigate the general orientation of your city towards 'Smart Cities' strategies. 
In the following sections, instead, you are kindly requested to indicate the importance your city attributes to the different issues related to the Smart Cities domain.  
The completion of the questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes.