Informed Consent to Participate in Research

Welcome to the online survey on Trauma-Informed Courts. You are invited to participate in a research study examining the experiences of court-based professionals about Trauma-Informed Courts.
As part of this study, we are interested in hearing about your views and experience of the various ways families come into contact with court-based services after separation and divorce.
The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes and can be completed at your convenience. We do not intend for you to look up answers, but instead we are asking for your general impressions. Your responses will help us to better understand the potential benefits and challenges of the various approaches for meeting the needs of children and families who are involved in court-based services.
For your information, we wish to disclose the following:
·      We are not collecting, nor will we generate any identifying information, other than the aggregated frequencies of professions/occupations of the participants.  
·      All findings will be reported as aggregate data. 
·      All responses will be confidential and anonymous 
·      The survey database will be stored on a Canadian server 
There are no known risks for you to complete the survey.  The survey has been anonymized so that identifying information about you (e.g. IP address) will not be collected.  You can withdraw at any time by not completing the survey.  Given that this is an anonymous survey, we will not be able to exclude your partial responses from the aggregate data and reporting.  
There are no immediate benefits to you for participating in this study. Your participation will have a long-term benefit of helping to ensure that court-based services address the unique needs of children and families involved in family law disputes.
Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at if you want further information about the study, if you have questions or concerns about the study and/or you want an update on the progress of the study. You can also call directly at 416-946-5027 during normal business hours.
If you have any questions about how you have been treated as a research participant, please contact Office of Research Ethics, or 416-946 3389. 
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! 
Michael Saini, PhD, MSW, RSW
Factor-Inwentash Chair of Law and Social Work
Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
University of Toronto
246 Bloor Street West 
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A1
Tel:  416-946-5027,  Fax:  416-946-8846
This research protocol has been approved by The University of Toronto Ethics Review Board    
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