The Wayland Township Planning Commission is preparing to update the 2009 Township Master Plan and is seeking your cooperation.  The Master Plan is a guide for Township officials in deciding how to preserve what is best in Wayland Township while allowing for new residential, commercial and industrial growth.  Your responses to the survey questions will help to shape the Plan.
Paper surveys were also mailed to all owners of property in the Township. If you did not receive a copy in the mail you may complete the on-line survey or pick up and drop off the survey at the Township offices located at 1060 129th Avenue, Bradley, MI 49311. A survey may be completed for each member of the household.

* 1.  The Wayland Township Board is studying the possibility of constructing a waste water treatment plant, and water and sanitary sewer pipelines along certain Township roads as a means to attract business and industry and to also serve Township residents.  The sewer pipelines would be constructed in phases as shown on the map.  The water lines would be constructed alongside the sewer lines.   The Township would need to borrow the money to finance the project. 

Do you support the Board pursuing this project?   

Proposed Treatment Plant Location

Proposed Treatment Plant Location

* 2.  Wayland Township is one of the few townships in the area which does not levy a special millage for road re-surfacing, construction and maintenance.   The Township spends $800,000 a year on road improvements and maintenance which comes from the Township equity fund and from revenue received annually from the Gun Lake Tribe as required under the casino gaming contract with the State of Michigan.   

With the cost to re-pave one mile of paved road being approximately $500,00 to $1,000,000, additional revenue would enhance new road construction and other road improvements within the Township.

 Nearby townships levy a road millage ranging from 1 to 5 mills.  A two mill levy in Wayland Township would generate about $250,000 per year so the equity fund would not have to be used for roads.  Based on a two-mill levy, the owner of a house with an assessed value of $100,000 would pay $ 200.00 per year. (A mill is $1 for every $1,000 in assessed value.) 

Would you generally support a road millage to supplement current road spending in order to improve Township roads?

3.  Currently, most of Wayland Township is zoned Agricultural.  The minimum lot size in the Agricultural Zone on which to construct a new single-family house is 3.67 acres with 500 feet of road frontage.  While this is an effective way to preserve the rural views in Wayland Township, the road frontage requirement creates difficulty for new lots to be created on which to build new houses.

* A.  Do you favor the current minimum lot size of 3.67 acres in the Agricultural Zone?

* B.  Do you favor the current minimum 500 feet road frontage requirement in the Agricultural Zone?