Parent Input Questions

Through your candid responses on this questionnaire, you will provide information that will aid school staff in continuously improving our school district.
Thank you for your time and effort in completing this questionnaire.
The District Climate Committee

* 1. Please choose the school that your child attends. If you have multiple children attending different schools, you may take the survey more than once.

* 2. Parents/guardians feel welcome at my child’s school.

* 3. The school’s health staff is courteous and helpful.

* 4. The school’s office staff is courteous and helpful.

* 5. My child’s teachers communicate effectively with me.

* 6. My child’s school administrators (principal, assistant principal) communicate effectively with me.

* 7. If my child has a problem, there is someone at school who can help.

* 8. My child has a positive and supportive relationship with at least one adult at the school.

* 9. My child’s school is sensitive to issues regarding race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities.

* 10. Students treat one another with respect.

* 11. My child feels safe at this school.

* 12. The school facilities are clean and well-maintained.

* 13. My child is challenged to meet high expectations at this school.

* 15. My child’s homework is purposeful.

* 16. Overall, I am satisfied with my child’s education at this school.

* 17. I feel that extracurricular activities and staff are a positive influence on the school climate. 

* 18. Please use the space below to comment on topics that were not addressed in this survey, or to express additional concerns/comments about the climate at your student's school.