General Faith Formation Questions

* 1. What were your favorite TWO Faith Formation activity/event within the past year?

* 2. Please check all applicable boxes for the grades of your children for the 2017-2018 school year (last school year).

* 3. Please provide feedback on the catechist (Grades K-6) or mentors (Grades 7-12) for your child(ren):

* 4. Do you read the weekly Faith Formation Parent Emails?

* 5. How many Family Formation Sessions did you complete? 
October - The Seven Sacraments: What is Marriage?
November - Blessings for Advent Wreath and Christmas Trees
January - The Feast of the Epiphany; Epiphany Chalk Blessing
February- The Ten Commandments: The First Three Commandments
March - The Ten Commandments: Commandments 4, 5, and 6

* 6. If you completed TWO or more sessions, please provide feedback here about the lessons: 

Did you find the lessons informative? Were the questions age appropriate? What did you like best about the family formation lessons? What needed the most improvement?

* 7. If you only completed ONE Family Formation lesson, or did not complete any, please choose an option below:

* 8. Faith Formation provides "Special Event" opportunities during the year that
are tied into our Faith Formation evening. Students are asked to come early
or stay later than their normal session times on those nights. Examples 
this year were as follow:
All Saints Mass
Ash Wednesday Mass
Living Stations of the Cross

Please answer the following question to let us know how this works for you family. Help us understand how your family participates in Faith Formation Nights with Special Events.

* 9. How would you rate your overall Faith Formation experience at St. Pius X?