Clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) are uniquely positioned to assess health-literacy and provide health-literacy-sensitive patient-education to enhance patients’ knowledge, self-care, and health outcomes. However, the health-literacy knowledge and practice of CNSs is unknown. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to assess the health-literacy knowledge and practice of CNSs practicing in the state of California and test the effect of an on-line, educational intervention on CNSs’ health-literacy knowledge and practice. The intervention has been shown to be beneficial to registered nurses in the community hospital, previously.

All California CNSs certified in the state by the Board of Registered Nursing are eligible to participate in this study. Your participation in the survey will contribute to the body of knowledge on health-literacy and provide valuable information to nursing faculty and health care administrators.  

The study intervention is an on-line health-literacy education program with the majority of the content provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), Quick Guide to Health Literacy. The curriculum includes a health-literacy definition and evidence-based information about low health-literacy prevalence, risk factors, related outcomes, and strategies to improve usability of health information, build knowledge to improve health decision-making and advocate for health-literacy, and health-literacy resources. Sample health-literacy assessment tools and a reading level assessment tool are shared.

Data collection will be conducted on-line using the Health-Literacy Knowledge and Experience scale (Cormier & Koltrik, 2008) to be made available on SurveyMonkey. On-line surveys will be completed at enrollment and within two-weeks of completing the on-line intervention.

You will be identified by your email address only so that your anonymity will be protected and emails may be sent to you to provide you with the link to the
     1.   intervention; and
     2.   post-intervention assessments.

Participation is optional, your responses will be kept anonymous and in no way affect your employment, and you may withdraw at any time without penalty. Results will be presented in aggregate format only.

There are no immediate benefits anticipated for you aside from the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the knowledge of CNSs’ health-literacy knowledge and practice. However, the study will provide the model of an intervention study you may wish to implement in your own place of employment. If so, following the completion of the study, please contact me, Cheryl Westlake at ccanary@apu.edu.

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