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1. About the water drinkers

WIRES is calling on landowners in drought and fire affected areas to help support the welfare of local tree-dwelling wildlife such as Koalas, Gliders & native birds who are at great risk of dehydration and predation as they go in search of water.
Supplementary water provided by Arboreal Drinkers (TREE TROFFS®) has been demonstrated to provide safe support to wildlife.
As a voluntary wildlife supporter, you will be required to:
  • Collect the TREE TROFF® equipment from a designated local hub location
  • Install & maintain the TREE TROFF® on your property (Units are 3m tall)
  • Have access to your own tools & water supply
  • Regularly refill & flush the water barrel (220L) from a mobile tank

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Installing and Transporting Water Drinkers
You will need vehicular access to the tree.
Drinkers need to be refilled 5-8 weeks.

<strong>Installing and Transporting Water Drinkers<br></strong>You will need vehicular access to the tree.<br>Drinkers need to be refilled 5-8 weeks.

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* Please confirm you agree to install the drinker(s) within 6 weeks of delivery and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance?

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