Public Engagement Survey

Intent of the Federal government is to enact Bill C-45 and Bill C-46, two bills that will legalize and regulate cannabis in Canada, by summer of 2018.  In Alberta, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) will carry out licensing functions, as well as, manage the distribution of cannabis to retailers ensuring that retailers receive their products from a government-regulated distribution system, similar to the system in place for alcohol.  Federally licensed growers will sell cannabis to the AGLC and privately operated provincially licensed cannabis retail stores will buy cannabis from the AGLS for retail to the public.  Albertans will also have the option to purchase cannabis direct from the AGLC through government-operated online sales.  The Town's role in addressing legal non-medical cannabis will focus primarily on determining where cannabis retail stores may locate (land use districting), local public consumption rules, and enforcement tasks related to public consumption and impaired driving.  Providing residents and businesses the opportunity to participate in a public engagement survey enables grassroots participation while gives Council an additional tool for assessing community values surrounding these main issues that will be regulated under local jurisdiction.  The Town is seeking the community's input, please note the Survey will close on May 31, 2018.

* 1. Please answer the following, are you a:

* 2. Do you have children under 18 years of age in the household?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. Who are you completing this survey on behalf of?

* 5. The federal government has stated that in July 2018, cannabis will be legal across Canada for personal use.  Cannabis legalization is a complex issue and the Town of Mayerthorpe  will have numerous roles in implementing the new law.  The Town's role will include, but will not be limited to:

- Approving locations for retail stores and other cannabis related uses;
- Public safety, health and education; and
- Enforcement.

To ensure that the Town best performs our roles, we need to understand what matters most to the community about cannabis legalization.

Do you agree or disagree with the legalization of cannabis for non-medical use in Canada?

* 6. What aspects of cannabis legalization are you most interested in, or most concerned about?  Select all that apply.

* 7. The provincial government will establish minimum separation distances that cannabis stores can be from places that children and youth frequently visit, such as schools, community centres and parks.  The provincial government will also establish the minimum separation distance that cannabis stores can be from liquor stores and other cannabis stores.

The Town can choose to be more restrictive than the province by requiring larger separation distances between these types of uses.

How would you respond to the following statements?

I am concerned about how close cannabis stores may be allowed to places where children and youth gather such as schools, community centres, parks and playgrounds.

* 8. In your opinion, how far should cannabis retail stores be from schools, community centres, parks and playgrounds?

* 9. I am concerned about how close cannabis stores will be to each other.

* 10. In your opinion, what kinds of locations in Mayerthorpe would be a "Good fit" for cannabis stores?

* 11. In your view, how far apart should cannabis retail stores be from other cannabis stores?

* 12. The provincial government has stated that the smoking and vaping of cannabis in public will be restricted to spaces where tobacco smoking is currently allowed, but also may decide to ban smoking and vaping of cannabis everywhere in public.

If the province decides not to place any further restrictions on cannabis consumption other than the current restrictions on tobacco, the Town will have the ability to place additional local restrictions on cannabis consumption in public.

How would you respond to the following statements?

Adults should be able to smoke and vape (consumption using electronic cigarettes) cannabis in the same public places you can smoke tobacco.

* 13. Smoking and vaping (consumption using electronic cigarettes) cannabis should be banned in all public places.

* 14. What places do you feel are acceptable for people to consume cannabis?  Select all that apply.

* 15. Overall, what do you think the rules around public consumption of cannabis should be?

* 16. To help measure consumer demand for retail locations, when cannabis is legalized, do you think you will grow your own cannabis plants at home?

* 17. To help measure consumer demand for retail locations, when cannabis is legalized, how likely are you to buy cannabis products from a cannabis store?

* 18. How should the Town of Mayerthorpe approach cannabis use at fairs, festivals, and public events?

* 19. What operational hours should cannabis retail stores operating in the Town of Mayerthorpe have?

* 20. Do you have anything you would like to add?  (print on reverse if filling out a paper copy of the survey)