We're glad you're interested in composting with Table to Farm Compost! Please complete this 5 minute survey. Once completed, you will be directed to sign up for three months of complementary (FREE!) weekly curbside compost service.

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* Please review the following before you proceed:

- You will begin receiving standard residential compost service (5 gallon bucket picked up once per week) within 1-2 weeks of completing this survey.

- Service will be free of charge for a period of three months, at which point you will have the option to continue service at the standard rate or discontinue service.

- At the end of the three month service period, you will be asked to complete one more 3 minute survey to help us better understand your experience.

- Survey results will be kept anonymous with no personally identifying information and results will only reported in aggregate.

- You agree to follow all composting service rules and guidelines for what can be composted and how to properly manage your bucket.

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