Creating Culture Shifts: A summit for arts and culture leaders committed to building equity

Arts Connect International is curating a coalition of community partners, sponsors, speakers and artists for the second Arts Equity Summit in April 2020. We’re glad that you’ve chosen to apply and we’re excited to build with you.

We encourage collaboration - teams are welcome to apply together. That said, we also encourage one "lead" presenter submit the application for the team (multiple applications are unnecessary).

If you would like to submit multiple proposals, you are welcome to do so. Please note that the application must be finished in one sitting, you cannot save your work as you go.

This year we are introducing three strands to help guide the conversations taking place during our time together. These strands are:

1) Structures for Success: Building Equity in Your Organization
2) Innovative Creatives: Building New Systems
3) Celebrating Resistance: Centering Community

Structures for Success: Building Equity in Your Organization
Conversations and trainings surrounding visions of equitable organizations and steps we can take to get us there.

Innovative Creatives: Building New Systems
Conversations for those interested in, or currently building equity in entrepreneurial ways, including new approaches and methods, systems, or structures.
Celebrating Resistance: Centering Community
Conversations celebrating equity work already taking place, with the aim of empowering others to continue, strengthen or start similar work.

For the Arts Equity Summit we are accepting proposals in four formats:

1) Panel Discussions (60mins)
2) Workshops (90mins)
3) Round Table Discussions (60mins)
4) Town Hall Discussions (30mins)

Panel Discussions: panels can engage between 3-6 speakers and a moderator. Panels should focus on a particular unifying theme, experience and/or expertise.

Workshops: workshops are used to engage with questions, and art, surrounding questions of equity. Workshops are expected to be hands-on and multi-modal (many different forms of presentation) and should be thought of as a "learning tank" around a particular topic area.

Round Table Discussions: round tables are set up with up to ten other presenters, where attendees will rotate to a new table every 15minutes, allowing them to visit four tables over the duration of a session.

Town Hall Discussions: this innovative format is used to raise questions around equity with the support of facilitated guided discovery. It's an opportunity for those in the town hall to discuss difficult issues collectively, while also sharing joy, and looking towards learning for equity.

The Call for Proposals will close on December 13 at 11:59pm. We'll be in touch to with decisions by mid-January.
Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Hanako Brais at , or Allegra Fletcher at

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