Ask the Sunshine Coast Council to cancel the Memorial Garden resumption

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council intends to resume 7.5m of our Registered War Memorial Garden along Third Ave for a new road coming off Nicklin way.
The land they plan to resume will include numerous established garden beds, mature shade trees, our flagpole, 2 Bofors guns and the Long Tan helicopter.
The new road will cut through Ben Bennett Park, travel along Third Ave, turn left into Oval Ave then into Gossling St to Bowman Road.
The road, aimed at reducing congestion at the Nicklin Way/Caloundra Rd/Pelican Waters roundabout, will have four lanes, two footpaths, two bikeways and four sets of traffic lights.
The council had seven other options but have not released what those options were.
We support easing traffic congestion but believe there are more efficient ways of doing so.

We, the undersigned respectfully petition Sunshine Coast Regional Council to review the remaining seven options that were tabled regarding the proposed Oval Avenue/Third Avenue Traffic Corridor Upgrade. The Motion approved on the 31 January 2019 involves the resumption of land from the Caloundra RSL Registered War Memorial Garden, including relocation of the restored RAAF “Huey” Helicopter, destruction of a number of manicured gardens, together with large shade trees, and relocation of our flagpole and two Bofors guns. The Caloundra RSL has no additional land available to cater for the relocation. Out of respect for both living and departed veterans, we request the Sunshine Coast Council consider another option from the seven that were made available for their review and remove the Oval Avenue and Third Avenue option from their plan.
The petition will be sent to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, and data collected will be used for no other purpose. Any council response will be published on the Caloundra RSL Sub-Branch website at

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