Your Company and Employees

The twelfth annual workforce survey conducted by Vail Valley Partnership/Vail Valley Economic Development is underway! Please assist us by providing answers to the following 32 questions.

The results will be used to help local businesses and governments better understand the status of the local economy and help improve related decision making.

We ask that the business owner, business manager, or human resources manager complete the survey. If the email invitation for this survey was not sent to a person operating in one of these capacities, please forward to the appropriate individual.

Feel free to make additional comments about your current experiences hiring, training, and retaining employees. All information will be kept confidential, and will be reported only as aggregate data.

A copy of the survey results will available from Vail Valley Partnership no later than June 15, 2018. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this project!

Please help us to ensure that we have data that represents the wide-variety of experiences that businesses have had in Eagle County by responding to this survey request at your earliest convenience.  As a token of our appreciation, all respondents will be entered into a random drawing for two $20 gift certificates to a local business.

* 1. What is your company name?

* 2. Where is your company's main location?

* 3. How would you classify your business?

* 4. How many people did you employ during the height of the 2017-18 tourist season (Dec.-Feb.):

* 5. Do you expect to expand in the next three years?

* 6. Are there any barriers to growth in this community?

* 7. Do you anticipate any federal, state, or local legislation changes that will adversely affect your business in the next five years?

* 8. If you had $100 to spend annually to address community-based barriers to your company's success, how would you allocate the money across the following issues? (Please be sure that your dollar allocations add up to 100. Please use whole numbers from 0 to 100 only and do not include a dollar sign.)

* 9. Is the number of unfilled positions at your company:

* 10. How many new positions do you anticipate adding in the upcoming year?

* 11. On average, how long does a vacant position remain open until it is filled?