Be part of the development process for next-gen smart textiles

Dear participant,

this questionnaire is part of an international research project funded by the European Commission, called WEAFING. It aims towards the development of electroactive yarns and polymers, so called artificial muscles for smart textiles that have huge potential in a variety of applications and segments.

To develop valuable products the integration of experts and end-user is a common approach. Therefore, this survey aims towards the identification and development of different use cases, where your experiences, expertise and thoughts are important contributions.

The survey is separated in eight parts focusing on smart textiles markets and innovations:
1. Introduction
2. Market failure
3. Market opportunities
4. Trend anticipation
5. Product / Service expectation
6. Co-development
7. Product / Service knowledge
8. Co-Development interest

We would highly appreciate your participation and thoughts on this new technology and will raffle 20 vouchers (25€) of most popular online shops (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, H&M, Zalando or Ikea) amongst all participants.

The survey will approximately take 20 minutes. If you are too busy you also can pause and finish at a later point in time. All your answers will be handled securely and anonymously. Please read the questions carefully and always remind this described idea of the new smart textile technology! Your copyright is not infringed by certain questions, answers respectively.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Your WT | Wearable Technologies Team

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