Call for Papers and Posters

Western Division American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

“Change, Challenge, and Opportunity in Fisheries:
Fishing for Solutions”

May 21-25, 2018
Egan Center
Anchorage, Alaska
Thank you for submitting an abstract for consideration at the 2018 Western Division American Fisheries Society meeting. The following provides general guidelines for abstract submission and presentation.
Abstract Submission:
*Please limit abstracts to 300 words. 
*Please note that special formatting (e.g., bold, numbering, etc.) may be lost in copy-paste.  
*A total of seven authors is permitted.
*A separate abstract will need to be submitted for each presentation, even if submitted by the same author.
*You will be asked to select your Symposium preference if submitting an abstract for a presentation. If you feel that the subject of your presentation cannot be captured in what is already presented, please submit to the "Contributed Papers" Symposia, or contact Michael
Daigneault via email:

Presentation Guidelines: Talks will be limited to 20 minutes including questions. It is suggested you present for 15 minutes and leave 5 minutes for questions. This time amount may decrease depending on the number of presentations. 
Poster Guidelines:  Posters must NOT exceed 4’ x 4’ width and height. An example of poster dimensions would be 48”W X 35”H.

We look forward to seeing you at the Western Division meeting in Anchorage, May 2018. For more information about the conference location and accommodations, visit the conference website

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