Food Hub Survey for Wholesale Purchasers

Thank you for participating in our survey! This survey is intended for food "wholesalers" in Wallowa County--meaning the retail stores, restaurants, institutions, and businesses that serve food or make items using food ingredients. NEOEDD received a grant to research the feasibility of a food hub in the county, with the hope of improving the bottom line of producers and also making more local food available to Wallowa County residents. Winrock International defines a food hub as "a business or organization that actively manages the aggregation, distribution, and marketing of source-identified food products primarily from local and regional producers to strengthen their ability to satisfy wholesale, retail, and institutional demand."

Your responses will be aggregated with others' so your information will not be tied to your identity. Please give as much detail as you can, so that we can create an accurate and robust report. If you have additional questions or comments, or would prefer to have a conversation rather than fill out a survey, please contact Kristy Athens at or 541-426-3598.

* 1. Where do you own/operate a business or institution?