Welcome to the fifth survey of six surveys as part of the 2017 Town Plan update! Thanks for all your feedback on the previous surveys. This survey focuses on the future of the Municipal Tract. The purpose of this survey is to broaden public input on the topic and to provide greater awareness of the ideas and options for the future. This survey is not a referendum designed to poll all residents of the City; however if all residents respond that is fantastic!
The public hearing for this topic will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 @ 6:30PM (at 900 Saddletree Court). Responses in this survey will be compiled for the Commission and included in their packet to review (minus name and address). In addition, all citizens are invited to complete the survey and/or attend the public hearing to publicly express their ideas. No final decisions on the update of the City's Town Plan will be made until all public hearings have been completed.

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. What is your street address?

* 3. The Municipal Tract - Background

The Municipal Tract is a 21.804 acre piece of land in the center of the City reserved in the year 2000 by the Rogers Family and the Denton Communities developers for municipal purposes. Approximately four acres have been used for City Hall and the Bexar 911 facility, with the remaining acreage consisting of dense forest except for a small access path to one of the City's well sites. The property's uses in the original deed are described as such: "The property shall be used only for general municipal, municipal recreational, or community-orientated purposes. . ."

The City's 2010 Town Plan proposed utilizing the Muni-tract in a way that would benefit the health of the City's residents, enhance social opportunities for its residents, enhance the image of Shavano Park and provide for other improvements consistent with the City's rural character. Specific ideas discussed included a community center for community events and for wellness and recreation areas. In addition, the Town Plan recommended the Municipal Tract present a pleasing rural curb appeal, including thinning trees and underbrush, but leaving a buffer between existing residences and the Muni-tract.

Considering that the Town Plan is a guide for the City's long-term growth and development over the next fifteen to twenty years, what is your general opinion regarding the 2010 Town Plan proposals for the Muni-tract?

* 4. 2015 CORE Survey

In 2015, a research firm, CORE Inc., was contracted to conduct a survey on the Muni-tract. This survey was mailed to all homes in the City and was completed by 415 residents. Per the executive summary, the features that would most likely be supported were hike and bike trails, a park with gardens, a pavilion, and a picnic area. In addition three areas received broad support, including a natural option, a park option and drainage and storm water runoff improvements. The detailed survey results can be viewed on the City website here.

The CORE Survey Executive Summary is as follows:

Concerning the options most likely to be supported or receiving over 50% support, which options do you favor? Note: You can choose more than one!

* 5. Fire Safety

The City is designated a Firewise Community and takes the risk of forest and grass fire seriously.  As a part of the Firewise Community the City this year took one acre of the Municipal Tract and created a "Firewise" forest with the Texas A&M Forest Service by removing underbrush and the lower limbs of trees that can be a ready source of fuel to any fire. This one acre tract served as a visual demonstration for how property owners could improve the fire safety of their own properties if they have a large number of trees.

The Firewise acre on the Municipal Tract looks like this six months after completion:

Firewise area after several months on the Municipal Tract

The City Council recently approved a shaded fuel break on the Municipal Tract to reduce the risk of forest fire under a grant with the Texas A&M Forest Service.

In addition to what has already been planned, should the City take further actions to improve the fire safety on the Municipal Tract?

* 6. Drainage and Storm Water Runoff

The 2017 KFW Engineering & Surveying study made recommendations to make drainage improvements to the Muni-tract by building berms and/or a detention pond to hold back storm water from impacting downstream residents on Elm Spring, Bikeway, Shavano Park Estates and Ripple Creek. Although the complete scope of these improvements has not been finalized, the improvements are contemplated to be buffered from current residences on Elm Spring and Bikeway.

Do you support drainage and storm water runoff improvements on the Muni-tract?

* 7. Other Improvements approved by City Council

Two improvements recently approved by Council as additions to the grounds of City Hall on the Muni-tract are additional environmentally-friendly (i.e. no concrete) parking and added electrical infrastructure in the front part of City Hall grounds.

The environmentally-friendly parking will be low-impact development but provide a structured parking space for vehicles during overflow parking at City Hall. The current cleared area is used during the four City events, non-profit marches / walks organized by the Community who use City Hall and the monthly Municipal Court. Staff believes the overflow parking will improve the safety of passengers and vehicles on NW Military by moving the overflow parking of vehicles from the frontage of NW Military to a safe area behind City Hall.

Do you have any additional suggestions or ideas for improvements on the Muni-tract that you want considered? Please remember that the Town Plan should be a guide to improve the quality of life for both current and future residents, as well as a guide for change that will define what type of community will exist in fifteen or twenty years. Please the space below to explain your suggestions or ideas.

Thank you for participating!