The Lorne P-12 College Logo, Uniform and Colours Survey was conducted in May 2017.  The overwhelming majority result was to keep the basic uniform, with the same colours and some changes. 

A  more consistent uniform for all years P-12 is planned.

As a result of survey and sub-committee work the following basic items from the current uniform will remain and be available to all year levels P-12.

Pants - Navy pants, navy shorts or sports shorts with logo.
Dress - Summer dress or winter kilt or pinafore, current styles.
Shirt - Chambray long or short sleeve. 
The purpose of this survey is to give the school community the opportunity to vote in response to the following suggestions for items to keep, or change, or add to the current school uniform.

These suggestions:
·    Reflect the results of the survey
·    Streamline the current range of school uniform
·    Incorporate the two house colours into the permanent everyday wear for all students across P-12
·    House colours can be worn as dress up on sports days.
·    Update the look
·    Provide alternatives that are cost efficient and easily purchased

Real examples of new items will be displayed in the school foyer. Please come and have a look.

Closing date for the survey is Friday 18th August.

When the final uniform is determined there will be a period of two years transition.

* 1. For each person completing this survey please indicate

* 2. Please respond yes/no and make a comment if required to the survey questions

The biggest change proposed is the introduction of a polo shirt (long and short sleeved) to be worn P-12 for everyday wear, PE and sports. Same fabric as breathable Advance top.   This one polo will replace the current red, navy and white polos. Are you in support of this change?t-shirt

* 3. Mid layer long sleeve

To reduce the number of options available and to create a more cohesive look for the school uniform, please vote in order of preference the item to be worn over the polo or chambray shirt. These items of clothing would have school logo.
 Vote 1-2 with your first and second preference

* 4. If you have responded as "other" in question 3 please provide detail here, otherwise proceed question 5.

* 5. Would you like the additional option of sleeveless navy polar fleece vest, full zip with logo? vest

* 6. Outer layer- Optional Item

Please choose one option and vote in order of preference. Number one being your first preference-see attached photos. These items would have school logo.

* 7. We intend to review the entire Uniform Policy and will be looking into areas of layering clothing, jewellery, headwear, shoes and sports uniform.

 Do you have any comments you would like to make about the current Uniform Policy?