Additional Garbage Service

In 2014 the District of Port Hardy entered into an agreement with Multi Material BC (Recycle BC) that added the ability for curbside recycling for single family residential dwellings in Port Hardy. The result of this was that the recycling and garbage pick ups would be on alternate weeks.
When the District started looking at becoming a Bear Smart Community, concerns were raised with respect to the storage of garbage over the summer months and the issue of the garbage becoming a wildlife attractant. 

The District is seeking input from the residents of Port Hardy to see if there is a desire to include weekly garbage service during Bear Season May 1-September 30 to reduce the requirement to store garbage.

Recycling service would remain as it is currently provided.

The cost of the additional service would be $24.00 per annum per dwelling.

 If this service is given, all residents will be charged. The service will not be optional.


* 1. Would you be interested in additional Garbage Pick Ups (weekly service) during May 1- September 30?

* 2. Would you be willing to pay $2.00 additionally per month ($24.00) per annum?

* 3. Ideally what is your preferred level of service? Choose only 1

* 4. Options 1 and 2 allow for more volume of garbage disposal. If you chose option 1 or 2, will this reduce your level of commitment to recycling?

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