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Thank you for taking the EV Survey! The purpose of this survey is to understand resident knowledge of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and potential concerns you may have in the purchases and maintenance of EVs.  Your feedback will help us provide local education and evaluate possible community solutions.

This survey result will be used strictly by the City of Goshen's Department of Environmental Resilience for the purpose mentioned above. Please answer all questions accurately to the best of your knowledge.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are powered by electricity, meaning they rely exclusively on a rechargeable electric battery instead of gasoline.

A battery electric vehicle (BEV) is a type of EV powered solely by an internal electric battery (it uses an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine).

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) has an engine, but it can drive itself without using the engine if there is enough charge stored in the battery.
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