Greetings Bridge Preservation Community!

The 2024 National Bridge Preservation Conference (NBPC) is scheduled for September 9th – 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah!  We are in the early stages of developing the agenda and this is your chance to be an integral part of the program. 

The theme of the 2024 NBPC is “Innovation for Infrastructure Resiliency”.  There will be multiple tracks to allow for a broad range of topics related to bridge preservation.
  • Innovations – Materials, Technology or Practice - in Bridge Preservation
  • Infrastructure Resiliency through Bridge Preservation Projects
  • Focusing on Worker and Motorist Safety thru Innovations in Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plans on Bridge Preservation Projects
  • Innovative Preservation Project Delivery/Contracting Options – IDIQ, Time + Material, On-Calls, Design-Build, CMGC, etc.
  • Bridge Preservation Research
  • Bridge Design with Preservation in Mind
  • Bridge Preservation by Corrosion Reduction/Prevention through Coatings or Cathodic Protection
  • Local Agency Bridge Preservation
  • Developing Bridge Preservation Programs & Projects with Bridge Management Systems
  • Bridge Preservation Opportunities in SNBI Implementation / Bridge Inspection for Preservation
  • Emergency Preparedness, Response, & Repair
  • What Do I Do Now? (Scoping for preservation and adapting to changes during design and construction)
  • Bridge Preservation from a Contractor Perspective
  • Superstructure & Substructure Retrofits & Preservation
  • Workforce Challenges & Opportunities
  • NDE Protocols for Assessing the Condition State of Bridge Elements, Enhancing Bridge Inspection Methodologies, and/or Quantifying the Effectiveness of Protective Bridge Deck Treatments
Case studies, preservation project reviews, and understanding what worked and what did not, are of great interest.  We encourage team presentations including agencies/owners, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, and/or academia.

Presentation length will typically be 30 minutes including time for Q & A. If you have a presentation that you would be willing and able to make at this conference, please complete the survey to submit up to three presentation abstracts. 

Abstracts must be submitted prior to March 1, 2024, to be considered.

Thank you for your interest in bridge preservation and the 2024 NBPC!
If there are questions about the topics / or meeting details feel free to reach out.
- Nancy Huether

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