Thank you for being an attendee at the 2017 WAWGG Annual Meeting, Convention, and Trade Show. We appreciate your continued support and ask your opinion.

Your input will be used to help us plan for 2018. Thank you again for your participation and if you submit this survey by Friday, February 17 at 5pm, you have a chance to win a $100 gift card!

1. Identify your area of work in the industry:

2. How many years have you attended the WAWGG Convention?

3. Did you purchase a room (hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, etc.) within the Tri-Cities for the Convention?

4. What are your reasons for attending? (please rank in order of importance with 1 being most important)

  1-Most Important 2 3 4 5-Least Important
Attend educational sessions
Learn more about the state of the industry
Attend the Washington Wine Industry Foundation's Party + Auction
Obtain pesticide recertification credits
Visit the Trade Show

5. How would you rate communication from WAWGG staff prior to the Convention? 

6. Please rate the following components of this year's Convention

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Ease of registration
Quality of educational sessions
Quality of meals
Knowledge and helpfulness of WAWGG staff
Location and comfort of venues (Three Rivers Convention Center and Toyota Center)
Clear directional signage around Three Rivers Campus and Toyota Center
Value for dollars spent
Pre-event communications (mailings, emails, Convention Bites, etc.)

7. Please rate sessions to the value of information you received.

  Excellent Above average Average Below average Poor Did not attend
Tuesday 2/7: State of the Industry
Tuesday 2/7: Tasting Room Tactics – Shifting Your Practices to Increase Profitability
Tuesday 2/7: Poster Session
Tuesday 2/7: Business and Operations for Vintners and Growers
Tuesday 2/7: Help Wanted
Tuesday 2/7: Small Wineries – Stay Small or Go Big?
Wednesday 2/8: From the Vineyard to the Cellar (In Spanish)
Wednesday 2/8: Diving Deep into Spoilage
Wednesday 2/8: Ag Labor – Insights into the Labor Environment, Experts Clarify the Issues
Wednesday 2/8: Winery Safety – Should We Care? How Do We Maximize It?
Wednesday 2/8: Farming by Phenology
Thursday 2/9: What Makes Washington’s Wine Unique - Part 1 (including Grand Tasting)
Thursday 2/9: Inevitability of Mechanization (including tasting)
Thursday 2/9:  What Makes Washington’s Wine Unique - Part 2 | How to Market and Sell Washington Wine

8. What topics would you like included in sessions in the future?

9. How would you rate your experience at the Trade Show?

10. Thank you again for attending the 2016 WAWGG Annual Meeting, Convention and Trade Show! You may use the space below to provide additional comments.

11. To be entered to win the $100 gift card, please fill out below: