Engaging all Generations - WAVES Working Group

Women's Network PEI is seeking participants to create an inter-generational group of women to come together to discuss the women's movement on PEI. This group will explore the women's movements history and discuss it's future while focusing on how to engage more youth in the feminist movement in PEI.

This group is open to anyone who has been involved or would like to become involved in the feminist and women’s movement in PEI.  The registration deadline is October 18th and the first meeting will take place Wednesday, October 25th.  Please note that working group meetings will take place Wednesday evenings in Charlottetown, a total of 8 meetings during the fall and winter.

If you have any questions about the application or any problems completing the form please feel free to contact Megan by phone at (902) 368-5040 or email megan@wnpei.org. 

* 1. About me

* 2. What  county do you reside?

* 3. In what year were you born? (We are asking for your birth year to ensure that youth are represented in group, and that all ages of women's organization are represented as well.)

* 4. I identify as: (please click all that apply)

* 5. What is your preferred language?

* 6. Have you been involved in the feminist movement in PEI? If yes, please describe your involvement.

* 7. Are you a member of  any PEI organizations (board member, paid staff, volunteer)?

* 8. How would you benefit from participating in this group?

* 9. What do you think you would bring to this group?

* 10. What are some challenges or opportunities facing the feminist movement in PEI?

* 11. Are you available Wednesday evenings from October 25th/2017 to January 10th/2018?

* 12. Do you require transportation to attend the group?

* 13. If any accommodations are needed, please contact Megan Dorrell at 902-368-5040 or provide further details here:

* 14. Will you require childcare to attend the group?

Thank you for completing your application for Waves: Bringing Feminists Together working group as part of the Engaging All Generations project.

Registration for this group closes October 18th. We will be notifying selected participants by October 20th.