What is the Guidebook on Military & Community Compatibility?

The Washington State Department of Commerce (Commerce) and MAKERS architecture and urban design, LLP (MAKERS) would like your input to help develop content for a guidebook on civilian-military land use compatibility. The Compatibility Guidebook will be composed of citizens’ and technical guides with an implementation toolkit.

The feedback community members provide about their experience with compatibility challenges and the solutions to address them will be valuable to the project. Thank you for your participation.

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Why is military and community compatibility important?
Citing the military’s significant role in state economy, the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) (RCW 36.70A.530) declares a state priority to prevent incompatible development near military installations. Jurisdictions planning under the GMA must consider risks to a military missions when they update or amend comprehensive plans and development regulations. Incompatible development also poses health and safety concerns for neighboring community members and military personnel operating or training for active duty. Technical guidance and resources are important aids to people engaged in compatibility planning and coordination.

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* 1. Whats your zip code

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* 2. What military installation(s), if any, are you closest to?