The Poster Session is an opportunity to present peer-reviewed research.

The Washington State Academy is looking forward to this opportunity for RDs/RDNs to share current research.

NOTE: If you are interested in submitting a member spotlight/practice session application, return to the main web page for a link to the application.

* 1. Please enter your poster session title:

* 2. Please indicate the type of poster session:

* 3. Please enter your contact information.

* 4. Presenting author information. List information as you want it published.

* 5. Learning Outcome. List only one learning outcome for the abstract. The outcome should state, in measurable terms using a behavioral verb, what the participant will be able to do or say after listening to or reading the abstract presentation.

* 6. Text. (250 word maximum)

* 7. Funding Disclosure. Please list, if applicable, state funding source (corporate, private, grant, etc.).If there is no outside funding list “none” or other appropriate wording, such as “self-funded.”

* 8. Learning codes. (You'll find a master learning code list on the poster session web page)