This form is invaluable to the CRAFT curriculum. It is for CRAFT Member and Associate Farms. The purpose of providing baseline data about each participating farm is to allow CRAFT participants to compare and contrast different farms that take part in our program. By providing this info, we hope to create a richer learning experience for farmers and apprentices alike, and, as apprentices move toward creating sustainable, working farms of their own, this info can help give them a better idea of the many different situations farmers start with. All of the information below is optional; you can provide as much or as little information as you want. Of course, the more information we all provide, the more we can learn from each other.

Note: Please return this form at your earliest convenience. Not only does Baseline data provide long-term reference for program participants, but also prepares all CRAFT members for more successful and in-depth gatherings as we progress through the tour season.
FARMERS PROVIDING TOURS THIS SEASON: Please strive to get this info in as soon as possible. If we have baseline information before we tour your farm, the tour will progress more smoothly, and interns will feel more comfortable asking questions.

* 1. Your Farm Name:

* 2. Your farm website (if applicable):

* 3. Farmer(s) Names:

* 4. Email:

* 5. Phone:

* 6. Describe briefly the physical setting of your farm (location and topography):

* 7. What is your total acreage?

* 8. What is your total tillable acreage?

* 9. What is your total pasture acreage?

* 10. Last frost date in Spring?

* 11. First frost date in Fall?

* 12. When was your farm founded?

* 13. Do you lease or own the farmland? Do you as the farmer live on the land?

* 14. How many years have you been farming? Where did you learn to farm?

* 15. Do you farm part-time or full-time? If part-time, what is your off-farm job? If full-time, did you have another occupation before starting the farm?

* 16. Describe your book keeping and accounting system(s):

* 17. Describe your system(s) for keeping farm planning records (i.e. sowing schedule, crop rotation, planting dates, breeding schedule, etc):

* 18. List the farm equipment that you own (include tractor types and horsepower):

* 19. List any equipment that you rent:

* 20. Describe your irrigation and/or watering/water management system:

* 21. How many people are employed on the farm year-round? (Include yourself and your family)

* 22. How many people are employed seasonally?

* 23. How do you find workers? What is your system for compensation? Do you offer housing on the farm?

* 24. Select the production systems that apply to your farm:

* 25. For each production system you listed, please address the following: acreage in production, products, marketing, and any details of the production system:

* 26. Check all marketing systems that apply:

* 27. How did you choose these marketing systems? Please provide any relevant details (i.e. # of CSA Shares, price of CSA Shares, # of tailgate markets/week, number of wholesale accounts, percentage of sales for each marketing system, etc)

Thanks for completing your Baseline Data Form!

Funding for CRAFT has been provided in part by the Community Foundation of WNC, the CLIF Bar Family Foundation, and the UNFI Foundation.