The AHIMTA Symposium is comprised of three days of workshops, and two and a half days of plenary and breakout sessions dealing with the pressing issues and challenges faced by emergency response teams in the field today. The AHIMTA Symposium’s Program Planning Committee is now accepting presentation submissions covering specialized topics categorized in the following content areas:

  • Building and Sustaining IMTs
  • IMT Preparedness through Administration, Training, and/or Exercise
  • IMT Creative Solutions During Deployments
  • Position specific/functional breakouts
  • Non-traditional public safety applications, equipment, or concepts that can be used within IMT operations
  • Non-traditional uses of IMTs
  • Developing and Managing Public and Private Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Grants and Private Funding Sources
  • Creative Funding Sources for IMTs
  • Understanding Deployments Operations
  • Leadership/Succession Planning/Program Management
  • IQS - Fire vs All-Hazards
  • Technology/Communications for IMTs